Marcy has been a beautiful force of change in my life. She has inspired and motivated me to live a life in congruency with my passions and has empowered me to take back my life. She sees the best in me and uses her empathy and compassion to help give me a voice and change my life without overwhelming me. She is a wonderful listener and a fantastic strategist and I am very blessed to have her in my life.
Marcy is not a therapist. She does not focus on your past, but on your future and current experiences. She looks at your goals and aspirations and works with you to give you a brighter future- one that gives you strength and empowers you to live the life you want and deserve. L.S.

Working with Marcy has been such a wonderful & meaningful process. She begins by having you fill out questions about your life that allow you to reflect on where you would like your path to lead. She then helps you get on/stay on that path! She gives you weekly assignments to guide you to become a better version of yourself. I believe that these sessions not only gave me some direction, but allowed me to express my goals, interests and passions in ways that I didn’t know how to before. Having someone to listen and help me along the way really allowed me to think deeper about what I want out of my relationships, career and life overall. I highly recommend Marcy- she is thoughtful, caring and has insightful ideas!


Before I started my meetings with Marcy I was unsure about exactly what a life coach could do for me but she has blown my expectations out of the water. She is incredibly helpful and kind and shows her experience through insightful suggestions and positivity on the everyday struggles that I face. Marcy has guided me to a more confident and successful lifestyle that always seemed to be just out of my reach.


Marcy brought light and clarity into my life when we started our sessions. Our early conversations were focused on digging deeper into who I am and this lead to me to think more critically about my life and what I have to offer to this world. The questions she asked challenged me in the best way possible. I feel I have a better grasp on how to make tangible and realistic goals for myself. Above all Marcy has a pure heart and is a great listener. I always leaving our sessions feeling heard and valued.


If you are looking for someone that will encourage your socks off and help you figure out the tactical steps you can take to fill your life with purpose and joy, then Marcy is the coach for you! Her passion for wanting people to be absolutely the best people they can be, as well as their most honest selves, comes through in every interaction.

I am truly the best version of myself when I spend time with Marcy, and her guidance and support are helping me move beyond what I believed might be possible. Our discussions are a safe place to be vulnerable about the fears and insecurities I have in considering what I might want to change. I’m always inspired to push beyond my comfort level after a session.

Marcy provides accountability without judgement, direction without harshness, advice without preaching, and encouragement without limits!

I recommend her without reservation!